Welcome to Travelvibez!

Welcome to a blog that I will fill with traveling tips, photos, small guides and other relevant things that comes along with travelling vibes. I do love to travel, so I thought why not make a blog where I can share unique adventures with other travelling souls out there? For years I have thought about making something online, and I tried a couple times without finding my spot. Now, finally I think I have the idea that I was looking for…

Travelvibez is runned by a twenty years old girl with a huge wanderlust always looking for new adventures and all them happy travelling vibes. I always want to catch the beautiful moments in life on a picture, on a piece of paper or in my heart. Travelvibez will among with tips, inspiration and travel guides from all over the world contain thoughts and reflections I do on the journey called life. I will try to encourage you as a reader to follow your dreams – always, to be open and courious. Just like I decide to do myself. I hope Travelvibez will give you courage and inspiration to travel, to search for your own happiness and to make your dreams come true.



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