3 places in Bali you have to check out!

Going to Bali soon? Yes? Well, you should be so excited. Bali is like I have mentioned before, amazing. There is just something about the vibe there. The island has so many magical places, restaurants and surf spots. Well…I feel like I have written a lot about the island already, so here comes three really nice places close to each other that you should visit while you are in Bali!

You will find Uluwatu south east of the island. You can easily go there on a daytrip if you are staying in Canggu or Kuta. It’s all close to each other. Uluwatu has amazing surf (for advanced surfers) and a magical view over the ocean. It’s somehow built in the cliff that is there, and there are stairs that you can follow all the way down to the shore. You will find some surf shops, restaurants and local cafees on your way down, and at the bottom you will end up in a beautiful cave. Enjoy the sunset with a cocktail and watch the surfers catch waves until it gets dark. Ahhhh ma gaaad, take me back!

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Padang Padang is a beautiful beach on the way to Uluwatu. I stayed in Padang Padang for probably a week or more the first time I visited Bali. There is only really the beach, some homestays/hotels, a small supermarket and some yummi resturants. Everything you need! When you get there you follow a beautiful path down to the beach. The beach is pretty small, but so nice! Rent a board and get out there and try out the surf – this place can be great for beginners on a good day! If you want a good meal, ask for Cempaka homestay, we looooved their chicken satay.

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Most people will probably choose to stay in Canggu, which is great! Canggu has such a good vibe, with vegan restaurants on “every corner”. There are LOTS of places to check out, so be ready for nice food experiences. There will be a lot of tourists in all these three places, but I didn’t care too much about that. You can always talk to locals and ask them how it is like to live in Bali. Be open and explore. Buy some street food or find a local place in a hidden street and you will get closer to the Balinese people. You should definitly rent a scooter to get around here, cuz everything is kind of spread out. Canggu has different beaches, so you can find really good surf for beginners and more advanced surfers. I really loved this place when I got a scooter to get around! Oh, oh! You have to check out Pretty Poison. It’s a club/bar where there is a skateboard ramp, and young people hang around with a beer and watch people skate. Such a cool place.

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Have you been some of the places?



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