Get to know me through 15 facts

Hola, and good morning! I guess it’s time to write a little bit more about myself. I thought it would be cool to do fifteen facts about me so you can get to know me a little better! This is really out of my comfort zone, because I don’t really like to be too personal online. I don’t really get why people would want to read about me, but at the same time I think it’s important to share some personal things too, since I am actually doing this. I always appreciate when other bloggers are writing something personal and when I get to know them a little bit better. So here we go: 15 facts about me!


1. I am Norwegian
2. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger and I actually signed up for a company that would recruit people for auditions. Well, turned out the company went bankrupt, and I never got to try. Haha!
3. I played soccer for about 8 or 9 years, and I absolutely loved it!
4. I am highly considering going vegetarian or pescetarian. Maybe even vegan one day!


5. If I had to, by this day, I would probably study to become a teacher, a nurse or something that had to do with communication and culture.
6. I want a beach house with a big kitchen, lots of plants, wooden floors and huge windows. And an outdoor shower, of course!!!
7. I love and appreciate my family and friends so much
8. If I could choose, I would probably live a life where I could travel the world whenever I wanted to without having to worry about money. Would be nice, heeey?


9. My mom is also my best friend!
10. I am really outgoing and social, but I also really enjoy to be by myself
11. There is nothing I like better than to be with somebody that makes me laugh. I really appreciate humor
12. This one might be funny for some people, but I really like to learn. I really enjoy getting knowledge from people, and I love to know how to do practical things like changing wheels on a car or other random stuff.


13. My favorite months in Norway are May-September!
14. I love to go snowboarding! My best friend and I used to go after school and during the weekends all the time when I was younger!
15. I am planning to travel again this fall. iiiiik, so excited!

Did you enjoy this kind of post? 
Big hug


5 thoughts on “Get to know me through 15 facts

  1. Great post honey! And by assumption I would not say that you are a true Viking, I believe you have some African/Spanish beauty in you! Be who you want to be, it’s cool and inspiring!


  2. Love your fresh and cheerful post Aida! It always gives me positive and good energies. Miss youu girl. Big hugs!! ☺🌸🌺🐚🍉🏕🏖🌅☀️ and let’s wait for more adventures together!


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