8 things you probably don’t know about Norway

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1. Bunad (the clothing I am wearing on the pictures) is our national costume. It’s made out of wool, and has beautiful handmade patterns. We wear the costume on our constitution day (May 17th), Christmas eve, in weddings and other formal occasions.
2. We speak Norwegian. Norwegian is kind of similar to Swedish and Danish, so we are actually able to communicate with each other pretty well!
3. Norwegians always say hi to each other in the mountains or while skiing, but rarely casually in the streets. So weeeird, haha! Oh, and also, most Norwegians love to go cross country skiing in the winter.

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4. When we are done with high school we celebrate and party for one month (or even longer) as russ. To be a russ, basically means that you wear red pants, get yourself a “business card” with a funny quote, do fun and crazy stuff, and drink a lot.
5. Norway has everything: Mountains, lakes, fjords, coastline, beaches, windy roads, agriculture and lots of wood.
6. We celebrate Christmas the 24th of December and not on the morning of the twenty fifth.

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7. During the summer we have light basically 24/7 (midnight sun), and just a few hours of light during the winter time. It’s INSANE. The winters are also really cold and snowy, while the summers can be pretty warm. We also tend to talk a lot about the weather, haha!
8. We do thirteen years of school: Seven years of elementary school, three years of middle school and three or even four years of high school.

Alrighty, I hope you learned something new about Norway today!


2 thoughts on “8 things you probably don’t know about Norway

  1. I would love to visit Norway sometime! I just found out that some of my ancestors are from Norway, I never knew that before…can’t wait to see you in September!


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